If blogging is an art form…do we have enough artists?

eMarketer posted a study that shows that by 2012 43% of companies will use blogs as a marketing vehicle.  The question I have, is when does the talent for blogging become so sought after that it becomes a true profession, or specialty?

Let’s face it, anyone can blog, that is the beauty of it.  Blogs are ideal for people that want to share their opinions, insights, or ideas around, well anything. When it comes to corporate blogging and the utilization of it as a marketing vehicle, the same “freedom” people have as independent bloggers may not apply.  There are brand implications, disclosure policies, and corporate guidelines to adhere to.  These are much needed especially if blogs become a centerpiece of a companies means of communicating with customers.

But who is going to blog?  Where are these companies finding people with the talent, much less the desire to share opinions, insights, and ideas is a way that is honest and creative. The blogs I enjoy most are the ones that are not only honest, but also are written in a way that captivates me as a reader. Short concise reads that make me think, that spur my own creativity…my myndfuel.  Seth Godin is one of those guys I enjoy, another is David Armano.  The last thing you want to read is a corporate blog that is just a reiteration of marketing messages, value propositions, and competitive advantages.  People crave honesty and creativity, and a unique perspective, and quite honestly, blogging in not just for anyone…at least successful blogs, ones with a following, that evoke healthy conversation, that are worth sharing.

So what does it take? A college course on blogging?  I think it is its own style of writing. Free spirited, flowing yet structured and grammatically correct. Perhaps creative writing majors, or even English majors can carve out a niche.

Maybe someday we’ll have freelancers that specialize in prfessionally “blogifying” content. Taking articles, whitepapers, case studies, presentations, any form of content and telling the story in a creative and succinct way in their own words, yet consistent with the company’s vision and brand.  This takes the personalization out of the equation, but at least it’s a good read.

Maybe companies will hire more graduates with Creative Writing or English degrees to blog.

Or maybe, there is some raw untapped talent within a company’s existing employee base that has the desire, talent, and drive to share their opinions, insights, and ideas and still be within the lines of policy, guidelines, and brand.

I contend that blogging is an art form, but do we really have enough artists?  We’ll soon find out because there’s a rash of new corporate bloggers coming in the next 2 years.


2 thoughts on “If blogging is an art form…do we have enough artists?

  1. You raise many interesting points. I agree with many of your concerns. I only differ on the conclusion that the democratization of blogging leads to beauty. Democracy is grand. It’s wonderful. It makes our lives worth living. But is it beautiful? I wonder.


    • @onmywaytomentalhealth Thanks for the comment. You just made me wonder sometimes as well… Beauty may be too strong a word when describing corporate blogs, but heck, if you write something and it stirs emotion, doesn’t that make it all worth while…maybe not beautiful, but it sure is artistic. Of course, beauty is in the eye…. you know.


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