Content marketing – don’t blame the club

I know I am as guilty of this as the next person.  You hit a beautiful drive off the tee and are sitting with the perfect angle into the green. You take a couple practice swings, address the ball, set, and swing… for some odd reason the ball goes way right, and what do we almost always do?   Look at the club head as if it were bent, or had a huge chunk of mud on it, anything to take the blame away from the player.

I just combed through the latest B2B Content Marketing: 2010 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends and have to say this report is very eye opening for me.  It also helps validate some of the things I have been focused on in terms of content marketing and the buying cycle.

Check out Marketing Profs for a great summary of the report.

What struck me the most were the findings around content effectiveness.  If you look at the list, the tactics that are most effective are the most tried and true (old-school) tactics: events, webinars, newsletters, case studies, print magazines, and whitepapers with at least 50% of the respondents indicating they were effective.  While, newer tactics like social media, blogs, and videos had less than 50%.

Maybe it’s not the tactic (the club)…maybe it’s the content (the player). There is such a thing as bad content, and yet only 36% of those surveyed said that “producing engaging content” was their biggest challenge.  Granted it was the biggest challenge, but only 36%!  I thought that would be higher, like the 50% that indicate newer tactics (social media, blogs, video) are ineffective. Don’t blame the club.

So what is effective content? Or better yet, what is effective social media, blogs, and video content?  I don’t know…that depends on your audience. What does your target audience value? What do they want to see and at what stage of the buying process are they?  Oh yes, the buying process again.  Are you providing compelling content at each stage of the buying process, or are you getting their attention with great content, and loosing them with bad content later in the process?  These are the types of questions we need to have the answers to make our “newer” content more effective, heck any content new or old-school.  After all, “37% of effective marketers consider the “stage in the buying cycle” of the target market whendeveloping content, compared to only 23% of less effective marketers.”

Getting these questions answered is tied to metrics…and I need to think that one through a bit more….work in progress.

Stay tuned.

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