My idea locker

I am in the groove of my typical morning ritual, except Mondays seem to allow me the time to read more, fill my wordpress with drafts, andretweet the heck out of articles I find fuel my mind. Call it my way of waking up from a weekend filled with playing with the kids, watching football, playoff baseball, and simply relaxing with my family.  I love Monday’s and hate Monday’s all at the same time.

Then I come across one of those posts that makes me think even more…that gives me that extra boost of caffeine. It’s usually the shorter posts that have the best effect.  Seth Godin, Chris Brogan, and David Armano are usually the guilty motivators. This week, Chris is the most guilty.  His post “Make an idea locker” combined with his sharing of “Fear to Fuel” got me going on this mind dump.

With myndfuel, I have been capturing thoughts and opinions on mostly marketing best practices which is not what I totally intended myndfuel to be.  I intended it to be my idea locker. My way of not only capturing marketing best practices, but a free-for-all mind dump of stuff that races through my head, whether they be marketing related of not.  Heck the tagline on my blog is…

myndfuel: my creative, technology, and marketing fuel

Where’s the creativity?  the technology? the ideas of my own? I have fallen into this rut of trying to sound all “expert” in the areas of marketing, which I am not. I know that’s hard to believe, but it’s true (insert my Chicago sarcasm here).

What really fuels my mind?  Marketing?  not really.  Marketing is just an outlet. What are my inlets?  What ideas of my own can I fill my locker with?  We’re all capable of having ideas.  What makes them good is whether others think they’re good, or perhaps they’re not good ideas yet, but with some input and sharing of information, they can become good.

So allow me to get back to the root reason I started writing this blog. Sure, I will still find the need to capture thoughts and opinions on marketing best practices, but from now on, I expect myndfuel to be a little more ideation, and a little less summarization.

Thanks Chris.

image by Jeffrey Coolidge/Corbis


2 thoughts on “My idea locker

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