2011 Resolutions: Create, Move, Matter

Reading through my Google Reader feeds, tis the time for New Year’s Resolutions.  In the past, I have always said I would do something but never really made it happen.  So this year, my main resolution is to actually follow through on my goals.   I took a page from Chris Brogan’s idea of creating three words for myself for the year.  What 3 words will shape what I do each and everyday personally and professionally?  The three words I came up with are:

  • Create
  • Move
  • Matter


Create something everyday whether it’s a blog post, photography, drawing, a journal entry, or simply an email to an old friend I have been meaning to reconnect with.  In addition, I want to better enable and foster an environment of creativity for my 2 kids (Megan -11, and Sarah-8). Both love photography, drawing, arts and crafts.  Megan writes poetry (and is pretty darn good at it).  Sarah is a free spirit that loves to do just about anything.  I would love to turn the basement into a studio for them to “create”. Heck for the family to do some cool stuff together.


This boils down to sheer activity whether it be exercise (cycling – road and mountain bike), or just simply getting outside and doing something, anything.  My wife and I always talk about visiting national parks, weekend getaways with the kids. We can start with Minnesota, and work our way to the Dakotas, and further west as we get more adventurous.


This encompasses everything…personally and professionally.  It’s all about learning and putting new thought and ideas into action whether they be at work, on this blog, on other’s blogs, etc.  I want to expand my network, strengthening existing relationships while establishing new ones. This comes from making new connections everyday.  There are so many ways to do this, it’s just a matter of using them, putting myself out there, making mistakes, but also experiencing more and more success.  It also means expanding ideas and thought, and this comes from reading, and continuing to learn. A book a week would be a “little win” to start with.

I will share what I am doing to support my 3 words in posts throughout the year.

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