Adding Quora and to the equa"tion"

In the vast array of content sharing tools available to us, we search for ways to deploy such tools that make the most sense to us and those that are generous enough with their time to consume the content we create and/or share.

Thus far, I rely mostly on the following:

  • Aggregation: Google Reader
  • Ideation: Delicious
  • Creation: Wordpress
  • Distribution: Twitter
  • Communication: HootSuite

Now, I am exploring how to get the most of of 2 new tools added to the mix: Quora and

I have to admit with Quora, I have not been as engaged in asking or answering questions…yet.  I am trying to figure out how I can best utilize it’s power.  What I came up with is between ideation and creation as a means to build upon ideas, and engage with experts that have the answers. It’s a pretty cool tool, you should check it out if you haven’t already. is a whole different story. It’s a content “curation” vehicle. Create a topic you are interested in and “sccop it”.  The site creates a newspaper like page that includes stories you have “scooped” on the web.  I created an extension of the myndfuel blog with the topic centering around technology, marketing, and social media.  I simply “sccop” articles I find thought provoking. Articles that “fuel my mind”. Check out my page.

Adding these two tools to the mix, my new equation looks like:

  • Aggregation: Google Reader
  • Curation:
  • Ideation: Delicious
  • Validation: Quora
  • Creation: Wordpress
  • Distribution: Twitter
  • Communication: HootSuite

The key to taking advantage of all of the tools out there is to understand how best I can benefit from them, and hopefully, what I put in will enable myself and others to get the most out.

That’s the winning equation in everything in life, isn’t it?


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