8% trust what a company says about itself…avoid becoming a "company"?

There’s plenty of research and proof that a company’s brand perception is shifting from what the company says, to what consumers, or everyday people say.

Ashley Haugen writes in a post for the MN AMA…a recent study of consumer purchase influence by Alterian and eMarketer indicates:

  • 40% trust friends and family
  • 28% trust professional reviews on web sites, newspapers or magazines
  • 19% trust reviews from people “like you” on web sites
  • 8% trust what the company says about itself
  • 5% trust advertising or promotional features

With social media and the drive to promote one’s own “personal brand” are we heading down the same path? Could we as individuals be heading down the path that only 8% of people believe what we say about ourself? Probably not, because true social media is a 2 way street, hence the term social. We engage to engage with others, to share ideas, opinions, expertise, entertainment, and enjoyment.

We all remember first starting out on Facebook and Twitter.  For many of us, it was all about building up the number of friends and followers.  The truth of the matter is that no matter how many “followers” or “friends” you have, it does not automatically equate value, importance, influence.  You could have hundreds, thousands, millions of followers or friends, and offer little to no real ideas, opinions, expertise, entertainment, and enjoyment value.

The real value, is when someone you are connected to shares what you share on FB, or retweets a tweet on Twitter, or comments on a post…that’s how at least I perceive evidence of value…that what I share resonates, informs, entertains, or invokes thought from my connections.

So no worries…you can believe what I say…I’m not a company.

Trust me 🙂


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