What I learned from "attentionomics": Get a life!

Are you inadvertently killing your content?

Edelman Digital shared their Digital Insights package last month and I took another look at Steve Rubel’s post and the presentation (probably because I have been reading Content Rules by Ann Handley and C.C. Chapman, and I’m on a content creation and marketing kick right now, both for my day job, and myndfuel).

The Edelmen Digital Insight package reiterates much of what I have been learning from Content Rules. It’s a fact that content and information available continues to grow exponentially , while our attention span and ability to consume content stays flat. As the presentation states, “Attention doesn’t scale.”   One way to combat this is to breath some life into your content. Let it see the world.

Many times in the past, we’ve created content for the company’s website, and we thought it was awesome, but the metrics told a different story.  So what happens when it comes time to budget to create more of the same type of content? The budget police  say, “It didn’t work. We won’t spend the money on it again. It’s ineffective.” When in all actuality, allowing content to live in one location, inevitably kills it.  In some ways, content is human.  It needs interaction. It needs to get out of the house and see new things, try new things, meet more people, experience more.  It needs to live.

Why are you not getting any attention?

Because you’re not doing anything to deserve it.  You’re not out there meeting new people, learning new things, seeing new places, and sharing your ideas and experiences.  The same can be said for your content.  Give it a chance to live…maybe it will grab the attention it deserves.

So, content…Get a life!

What are your ideas for allowing content to live?

Image by: http://www.michaeltotten.com/archives/2007/02/


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