Mind the gaps in determining content quality over quantity

wojtasiak_Content quality over quantityWhen it comes to creating content, we always hear quality “over” quantity, but I often ask myself how much “over?”
Thinking about what content we create, when we publish it, where we publish it, to whom the content is targeted, why we created it in the first place, and how it will be measured, I’ve come to the conclusion that we are creating enough, but is it of the best quality?  Is it simple to consume? Does it cater to the audience’s consumption preferences?
This proved to be a good exercise because it forced me to look long and hard at the content we are creating, and the gaps in our strategy and execution.
Breaking down the content machine:
Obviously, we are creating a ton of content, but how efective is it working? The above matrix could be dissected in a million different ways with content marketing best practices applied to each and every cell. Instead of doing that in one very long and detailed post, let’s start with the obvious gaps.
  1. What: There seems to be a lack of rich media with the exception of infographics, the list is pretty old-school. Suggestion is to focus more on leveraging video, webinars, e-books, etc.  Content that enables the target audience to better interact with the content and thus the publisher.
  2. When: The fact that we are producing content with consistency is a good thing.  What is glaring is the thought that each piece is published once and at a single point in time. Perhaps to give the content more attention, we should be sharing more often.  Share different pieces of content on social networks several times over the course of the month or quarter.  Sharing it only once limits it true potential.
  3. Where: The obvious gap here, with the exception of social networks, is that the content lives entirely on the company website.  Find the places where the target audience lives and start repurposing content into contributed editorials, comments on blog posts, or to answer questions on IT forums.
  4. Whom:  Maybe this segment is simply too broad.  How can we further segment this audience to create content of better quality, and geared to a specific group of people within the IT Pro umbrella?
  5. Why:  Although we are addressing each stage of the buying process, should we be doing more to drive decision?  Is relying only on case studies and only on a quarterly basis limit the impact? Dive in deeper to that further segmented audience to understand what additional content types will drive decision.
  6. How:  Metrics are always a challenge, and no where do we look at number of leads, customer acquisition, or even sales.  Can we do a better job of linking content closer to the sales cycle?  Marketing metrics like views, comments, shares, etc. are nice, but do they communicate the ultimate goal of content marketing, and that is to create sales opportunities?
.So, I think I have answered my own question in terms of quality over quantity. To truly measure content quality, we first need to fill some of the gaps in our content plan, and take a closer look at what content is driving sales activity.  We need better analysis to determine what mix of content is helping the target audience move through the buying process. When we figure that out, we are one step closer to figuring out the “over” in quality over quantity.
What additional gaps do you see in this plan?
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