How my journey back to the big picture took full focus

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably driven by the need for accomplishment on a daily basis. If I can’t check something off “the list” then the day feels wasted.  What I slowly learned is the fact that “I got a lot done today” was actually moving me further away from my big picture goals. My day-to-day “little wins” weren’t adding up.

Enter Michael Hyatt’s The Full Focus Planner and my journey back to the big picture.

I received my first planner as a gift from my manager in late 2017.  She was either sending me a message, or knew me more than I knew myself.  I was finding myself wrapped up in the day-to-day. I had big picture goals. I had a big picture strategy and plan. I knew exactly what I wanted, needed.  I didn’t have the focus.  I gave it a try starting one year ago this week and learned a lot about how I am wired and quite frankly what needed rewiring.

  • Balance – from working on work to working on me.
  • Meetings – from meetings taking time to making time for meetings.
  • Rituals – from letting things happen to making things happen.
  • Leadership – from wanting perfect strategy to executing imperfect plans.
  • Teamwork – from prescribing their path to trusting their journey.
  • Growth – from adding up little wins to little wins that add up.

One year later, let’s just say I’m more focused than ever. I will share a bit more about my journey in an upcoming post.