Does analysis get in the way or pave it

Artist: Jay Koelzer

Since I started blogging for the company I work for, I’ve always thought about setting up a personal blog. Not that my blogs for “the company” aren’t personal in tone, interests or even opinion, they are, but they tend to be limited to…well…work.

So, I thought…and thought….started…and stopped.  I was constantly analyzing and over analyzing trying to come up with some crazy creative idea for a blog that would interest people, capture their attention, and propel me into some sort of realm of thought leadership. Good luck.

I was allowing analysis to get in the way of personal creativity.  I wasn’t looking to share what interests me, I was looking to become something I wasn’t. Then again, maybe it was my over analysis that led me to figure that out. Maybe analysis actually paved the way to coming to the conclusion that what inspires me, that “fuels my mind” is the very stuff I should be blogging about.

And myndfuel was born.