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Mark Wojtasiak
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Strategy: B2B | B2C | Segments | Partners | Customers | Products | Channels | Content | Social

I am a mystery solving, content creating storyteller that thrives on turning market challenges into triumphs.

Always be listening, exploring, discovering, and creating because your audience expects nothing less.

Seagate Technology | 2006 to Present
Sr. Manager – Enterprise Customer Segments – May 2014 to Present
“Bridging the gap between what the market needs and the products we deliver”

 Key Accomplishments:

Led the customer segment team to launch a redesigned customer communications package to drive deeper and more productive engagements with Seagate’s largest customers including Dell, Hewlett Packard, Lenovo, IBM, and EMC. In addition, I am leading an analysis into end user technology buying behaviors that is shaping the way our OEM customers position, message, and promote Seagate products and technologies to their customers.

  • Architect an optimal strategy to address small, medium, and large end user’s technology challenges
  • Plan and lead product strategy discussions with our largest customers including Dell, Hewlett Packard, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft to gather customer and market insights
  • Develop, drive, and collect qualitative and quantitative market research data to build a financial business case for why customers should adopt our product / solution
  • Synthesize and analyze collected market and customer data to uncover hidden market opportunities
  • Present market findings to C-level executives and their teams to help shape product strategy and market focus
  • Create and present the business case analysis (the story) to Dell and Hewlett Packard to build influence and fortify joint go-to-market agreements
  • Collaborate with customers like Dell and Hewlett Packard on joint go-to-market planning and execution to establish relationships with key decision makers within each customer
  • Constantly measure results and uncover ways to improve

 Sr. Manager – Global Segment Marketing for Cloud – 2010 to 2014
“Creating the story that enables customers to attack new and emerging market segments like Cloud”

 Key Accomplishments:

Architected, launched, and managed Seagate’s Cloud Builder Alliance loyalty program across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific driving 40 partners worldwide to deliver over $125 Million in revenue per quarter through the design, implementation, and execution of partner go-to-market, communication, and content marketing strategies and plans.

  • Served as the company’s cloud segment subject matter expert and chief cloud evangelist to employees, customers, media, analysts, and partners
  • Defined the cloud market opportunity for Seagate products leveraging existing and customized qualitative and quantitate market research
  • Mapped the cloud market through segmentation analysis and customer interviews and surveys
  • Engaged with product line management and engineering to develop the global go-to-market strategy and plan
  • Led internal and external cross-functional teams including sales, corporate communications, marketing communications, creative, web development, and region marketing to drive go-to-market execution at a global scale
  • Provided quarterly marketing and business metrics to senior management
  • Deployed content marketing tactics aligned to the target audience’s buying process
  • Executed on day-to-day social engagement via blogs and social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin

Sr. Manager – Global Product Marketing – 2008 to 2010
“Enabling sales and partner channels to deliver the right solution for a customer problem”

 Key Accomplishments:

Designed and implemented a content marketing strategy that generated 5x the amount of content resulting in a 25% increase in consumption without any incremental budget spend, grew Seagate’s corporate blog readership from 60,000 to 180,000 per year, and continue to one of the most downloaded authors of content by sales, marketing, customers, and partners worldwide.

  • Defined the market opportunity, target audience, and developed product go-to-market strategy and plan
  • Created product messaging and positioning frameworks that fed all PR, creative, web, and content development
  • Drove execution of global product launch plans across North America, Europe, Middle East, and Asia Pacific
  • Enabled channel partners through the creation and delivery of product sales and marketing tools and training
  • Served as the company’s product subject matter expert and chief evangelist to employees, customers, media, analysts, and partners

Manager – Global Channel Marketing & Market Development – 2006 to 2008
“Defining the market opportunity and the path to success”

 Key Accomplishments:

Led a cross-functional global team that grew Seagate’s video surveillance market revenue from $15 Million in 2006 to $150M in 2007, and $200M in 2008, and was awarded the Seagate Global Marketing Award of Excellence. Promoted to Senior Manager in 2008 with an expanded role to investigate and attack emerging opportunities in video editing and post-production markets to deliver a minimum of $100M in incremental annual revenue for the company.

  • Define the total addressable market (TAM) for our products
  • Set company-wide unit and revenue targets for products sold into the segment
  • Develop the global channel marketing strategy of Seagate’s newly formed video surveillance initiative
  • Manage a $1Million global annual marketing budget for surveillance
  • Provide monthly marketing and business metrics to senior management
  • Serve as the company’s subject matter expert and chief evangelist at industry events

NOW Micro, Inc. | 2000 to 2006
ProDirect, Inc. | 1994 to 2000 (Acquired by NOW Micro in 2000)

Marketing Director
“Building the brand to grow customers and revenue”

  • Research and identify key target market segments
  • Develop product strategy to deliver 20% annual revenue growth
  • Analyze industry trends to implement the most effective advertising campaigns
  • Design and create the company’s web, email, event, print, broadcast, public relations, and direct mail campaigns
  • Contract and manage outside advertising and media agencies
  • Negotiate pricing and with media outlets for advertising space and contract period
  • Negotiate with vendors for co-operative market development funds
  • Consolidate and report marketing metrics to executives and co-operative vendors
  • Educate and train sales and technical staff on new product offerings

Education & Training: 

  • University of Arizona | BSBA Marketing & Communications | 1989-1993
  • Pragmatic Marketing Certified | Foundations & Focus | 2014
  • McChrystal Group | Crosslead | 2014
  • Corporate Executive Board | Challenger Model | 2013
  • Corporate Visions | Power Messaging | 2012

Tools of the Trade:      

  • Content Creation: Microsoft Office, Adobe,
  • Web Analytics: Adobe Omniture
  • CRM: Salesforce.com
  • Blogging: WordPress
  • Social: Buffer, HootSuite, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin
  • Collaboration & Content Curation: Evernote, Feedly, Google

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