Are we destined for digital nostalgia?

National Geographic offers their entire collection – 121 years of information – on a single 160GB USB hard drive.

That’s pretty cool.  I think the idea of massive collections of rich content pre-loaded on portable drives is a great.  I know I have a storage bin full of old National Geographic and Sports Illustrated issues, baseball cards, newspapers, record albums, etc. that I keep for nostalgic reasons.  I never really dig them out and read or listen to them, maybe that’s why these pre-packaged drives are so appealing to me.

But I’m old school Gen Xer who likes nostalgic stuff. What about the next generation?  I know my kids read books and magaines (National Geographic for Kids being one of them), but as they get older, maybe their interest in print will begin to fade.  Just like the content itself, people hit a certain age where they move from analog to digital, and it seems that age is getting younger and younger. I wonder what my kids will consider nostalgic when they are my age…

…are we really heading towards digital nostalgia?

Images by: National Geographic