Since your waiting…check out the tabloid rack

grocery-store-magazine-at-checkout-aisle-lo-res82% of Facebook’s photo traffic is driven by only 8% of the photos it stores.

Seems like a royal waste of technology, energy, and money to store that 82% on the same  technology that stores and delivers the 8%. That is the challenge in front of Facebook.

Facebook cannot delete any photos, so how do they cost effectively store billions of them?  It’s not that simple, because cost-effectively usually means slower in the digital storage world, and slower storage means longer wait times for those old photos to load. Are we okay with that? We wait in line at the grocery store. Sometimes for several minutes – unheard of on the internet – talk about abandonment rates.  In Facebook’s case, we are not talking minutes…more like seconds, so the question is, what to do with those seconds?

Stealing a page out of the grocery store playbook, why not sell the space / time? We flip through tabloid, home improvement, and health magazines.  We may even through a pack of gum, or bag of chips in the cart, just because we’re “captively” waiting.  What if Facebook used those precious seconds to share trending topics, news headlines, or, dare I say it, advertising?

Who would have thought slower data storage could create a marketing opportunity?

Disclaimer:  I’m also a corporate blogger for Seagate’s The Storage Effect, so my affection for storage technology is apparent.


my technology refresh will be very refreshing

Wired’s Geek Dad had a great post on Gadget Lust that made me ponder my own technology refresh. The image in his post looks like it could have been taken at my house.  I have accumulated my share of gadgets, but have to admit, I have been living off of my Windows XP Media Center PC for way too long….going on 5 years now which is 5x longer than my previous PC refresh cycle when I worked for a custom system builder and got a bunch of components for free.  Oh, the good old days. I have to admit, I take extra care of my technology. Yes – I even cleaned the inside of the PC (fans, vents, drive bays, ports, etc) with canned air on a monthly basis. (Dust can be a killer).

Well, it’s time for change. The bonus for waiting so long? …the performance of the new setup will appear that much better, eliminating any possible buyer’s remorse.  I consider myself kind of a techno geek, but what I got going on at home does not do true techies any justice.  Check this out:

The Home PC:

Intel Pentium 4 3.8GHz processor, Windows XP Media Center, 4GB DDR memory (upgraded from 2GB last year), Seagate 500GB hard drive (the original drive still running strong), Added a 2nd Seagate 500GB drive in 2009, 64MB nVidia GeForce 6200, DVD-RW, DVD-ROM, Acer 19″ LCD (at least it’s not a CRT!)

The above will be demoted to the kids playroom and replaced by an iMac 27″.  Yes we are going Mac.  It’s just time.

Laptop / Mobile PC
Currently a Dell D630, but seriously considering a Apple iPad.  I would go with a MacBook, but don’t want to break the bank.

Cell Phone
Apple iPhone 3GS, but moving to iPhone 4, or possible waiting for the next gen. ..depends on how long I have to wait.

The entire house is wired, which I like from a home networking perspective, but we do need to upgrade the existing Linksys wireless setup from “g” to “n”, and perhaps make the move to gigabit ethernet….why not?

Good – went with a Canon PIXMA MX860 and love it.

Storage / Backup
All good with my Seagate 1.0TB GoFlex Home, 500GB GoFlex portable drive, 500GB Seagate FreeAgent portable drive, and another 750GB desktop USB drive for a total of 2.75TB.  (Can you tell I work for Seagate?) When I move to Mac, the GoFlex Home and Goflex portable are fine since they are Mac compatible. The other drives will stay with the old PC. That leaves me with 1.5TB of storage for my iMac (plus the 500GB drive in the system).

Digital Media Player
Actually running a Linksys Media Center Extender and an original Xbox as another Media Center Extender (still works great). I typically use Media Center to record TV these days and nothing else. I recently moved to a Seagate GoFlex Home, and am considering Apple TV. This is where I get a little indecisive. I would love to go with a whole home audio/video solution, but that will have to wait until the entire home is refreshed…i.e. we move.

Portable Media Player
iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle…no need to upgrade here. When I retire my iPhone 3GS, it will serve as a second iPod Touch.

There are currently 5 digital cameras in the house – 1 Olympus, 1 Nikon, 2 Insignias (for my kids), and a Kodak. I have always been a fan of Kodak…simple to use and affordable, but my good friend got me wanting to shoot more pics, so a Canon Digital SLR is on the list as well as the new Flip UltraHD.

There’s much more to be done in terms of home theater stuff, but we’ll start with the infrastructure first. So the wish list / shopping list is:

  • Apple iMac 27″
  • Apple iPad
  • Apple iPhone 4
  • Linksys E3000 Wireless-N Router
  • Apple TV (maybe…need to do more research on this, I like my GoFlex TV)
  • Canon EOS Rebel XS 10.1  Megapixel digital SLR
  • Flip UltraHD video camera.

When to pull the trigger? This undoubtedly will be a phased roll-out.

All I can say is how refreshing it will be.

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