Using metrics to be more creative

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I have to admit, as much as I like to get my creative juices flowing, I have the same hunger for numbers. In this case metrics.  Maybe it’s the geek in me that wants to understand what customers are drawn to. What content they consume, when, and for what reason.

One of my first posts on myndfuel was related to the buying cycle and how content should be targeted to customers at each stage of the cycle, ultimately leading them to purchase. Right now, I am attempting to apply the fundamental rules of content marketing to metrics. Thus far, I have been able to measure how many downloads or views of specific content exist, but not able to identify down to the unique customer which I think is key here.

The problem with metrics like downloads or views is that they don’t really get into the mind of the customer.  They don’t tell me if the content took them down a path. If it addressed their needs.  Sure it says, the content is being utilized, but is is accomplishing its ultimate goal related to the stages of the buying process?

That’s the dilemma I’m in, and I expect the experts on the analytics side will help me gauge what is measurable, beacuse my job is to take such measurements and create something actionable.  In this case, as a marketer, more effective content across all segments of customers, across all stages of the buying process, with proof that it’s working (of course).

One of the best takes on metrics was c/o Chris Brogan. Chris said, “The distance between metrics and analytics is the difference between statistics and intent.” So true whether the analytics and metrics are social media, or traditional marketing. Understanding your customers is the ultimate means to success.

So I am off, doing what I can to understand our customers and that my friends will satisfy the creative and analytical sides of me.

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